Literatuurstudies aan de Maas!

Het volgende kwartaal starten weer 15 studenten van de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam met interessante literatuurstudies op het terrein van de Positieve Psychologie.

Dr. G.J. Kloens zal de studenten begeleiden. Hen is de volgende omschrijving geleverd:


Modern psychotherapy shows an increasingly attention for a competency-based and positive approach in working with patients with mental health problems. This approach is particularly visible in the Positive Psychology and Positive CBT.

Positive CBT is a new form of psychotherapy is a new perspective on traditional CBT. It shows a shift in the focus of therapy from what is wrong to what is right. It helps patients to reduce stress by increase strengths and promoting a healthier balance sheet. Positive CBT builds on resources, competences and virtues the patients already possesses or learn to obtain.

The theoretical sources of Positive CBT can be found in Positive Psychology with its long and firm foundation in philosophy.